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 “All healing comes from the heart
and it is in healing others that we
ourselves are healed.”
Janet Mentgen  
My name is Nicole Lee and I am a Registered Nurse (and a Baby Boomer!). During my many years of experience working as a health professional, I have seen first hand the effect degenerative illnesses and ongoing medical conditions can have on people.  I myself suffered for many years from chronic debilitating migraines. However, until I discovered the incredible  benefits of Usana Health Sciences, I did not know what to do. Doctors could only offer limited help, and that was to treat the headaches and nausea, but not to prevent them.
At this time I also realized that if I wanted to retire to live any type of comfortable lifestyle, I would have to do something other than just be a salary earner. I did not have enough superannuation and no investments to see me through.
So I ask you to remove your blinkers and take a good hard look at your health, the health of your family, colleagues and close friends. This picture will either make or break you and them in years, months or days to come.
If you are one of the 67% of men or 52% of women in Australia who are overweight, you are setting yourself up for chronic bad health and critical health problems. This includes your psychological health and your financial health.
With the current global situation many will lose value on their superannuation savings, real estate, and investments and it is believed that this year will be very trying financially. Your hard work in years gone by, saving and planning for an abundant retirement may never eventuate.
My journey began with eliminating many substances from my diet beginning with the usual suspects for migraine – red wine, cheese and chocolate, and then dairy, white flour and many foods containing artificial colours and flavours and preservatives. But nothing helped.
Although I knew that the answer to Chronic Degenerative Diseases - Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Respiratory Illnesses and other serious ailments -that are proving to be the scourge of modern medicine is a lifestyle change, I was not sure what this really meant or how to do it.

A dear friend introduced me to Usana. Since I started taking USANA supplements, I have noticed a significant change for the better. I am careful these days to take my vitamins twice a day, every day. It is true that the key to maintained health and wellness is regular excercise and proper nutrition. USANA has helped me in both of these areas!

“I believe that the basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other.” Professor Fred Hollows 

When I signed up as an Associate, I could see the enormous potential for residual income where one is paid off of product sales to individuals wanting to buy the products. I immediately warmed to the simple binary business structure, which means that you can recieve commissions based off of your cusotmer's orders that you referred!

I feel that as my business grows my financial future is now assured with Usana. I will be able to leave a legacy for my children and their children and further generations because my business will continue to earn long after I have passed from this world. How cool is that?

My 78 year old mother, Constance, began the RESET Weight Management Program and lost 16 kgs over 12 months, has kept it off and is continuing to manage her weight. She struggled with her weight for many years and tried every kind of diet, only to gain it back and put more weight on.

She also had a bleak financial future because she did not have superannuation or savings like many other women of her age. She joined as an Associate straight after I did, and after hard work, and determination, is now making a decent profit and continues to grow her business at a rapid rate.

Family members and friends are joining her team to promote a business that focuses on both their physical and financial health. They can’t help but be impressed when they witness the wonderful changes that have been made in both our lives through this world recognized award-winning company.

We do not have to do any hard selling because network marketing relies on simply sharing our story and helping others to develop their own business. I am delighted to be doing what I regard as the real work of a nurse which is concentrating on genuinely improving the situation of others. I feel finally that I am taking my place in this world as an agent for positive and beneficial change in a myriad of ways.

I owe the high quality of my life, my happiness and my success to Dr Myron Wentz, Usana’s founder, and his team of experts who guide us. Usana is also a significant supporter of the Children’s Hunger Fund so that every business activity that I undertake indirectly also benefits Third World people who struggle for survival every day.

The extremely high quality of Usana products is assured and only Usana vitamins earned a 5 star rating in “The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Lyle McWilliams, a biochemist and former member of the Canadian Parliament. He researched over 1,000 vitamin and mineral supplements in North America and 200 different brands in Australia using a blended standard.

Usana came up as number one for compatibility, bioavailability, purity, strength and potency. Some of our elite athletes take these supplements to improve endurance and performance and they are shining examples of the power of Usana in providing athletes proper nutrition.

Usana supplements are manufactured to laboratory grade standards as opposed to the inferior food grade standards used by many other well-known and heavily advertised brands.

Usana produces a skin care and personal products line that has unique patented self-preserving qualities. This means that harmful added preservative chemicals – parabens and formaldehyde and other mineral oil derivative preservatives are not put into their products.

Sense’s innovative skin care products are unlike any other and follow the holistic principles practiced at Usana by applying beneficial substances to the outside whilst nourishing the body from the inside. Grape Seed Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, is an active component of Proflavanol 90 and is also used in the Perfecting Essence, a skin brightener and pore refiner.

The Reset Program is designed to reset the metabolism for weight management. There are 3 phases of Reset and many people have lost up to 5 kg during the first phase-Jumpstart- which lasts for 5 days. It is advised that you check with your doctor before you begin any weight management program but many have had outstanding success with the RESET program where other products have failed.

She puts her success down to the superior products and lost 4 kg in the first week of the program. She finds that the combination of low GI foods and the advanced supplements make her body much more efficient at processing the fuel she puts in it and eliminating the waste products.

USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or
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